7 Things Buyers Don't Want to See in Your Home

7 Things Buyers Don’t Want to See in Your Home

7 Things Buyers Don’t Want to See in Your Home

If you have ever been in the real estate market, you know that situation rarely changes. In most cases, the demand is constantly growing, while the inventory is often low. That has a massive influence on home prices and competition. However, buyers have changed a bit. Most of them seek a place where they can move in immediately. If a property needs repairs or a lot of remodelling, they often give it up.

A white house with a well-mowed yard.

A white house with a well-mowed yard.

That is why many homeowners decide to deal with some improvements to make their homes more appealing in the real estate market. If you are about to prepare your home for selling, you need to play smart. Even though you do not need to invest a lot of money in making it a perfect living space, there are several things that buyers don’t want to see in your home on their first visit.

1. A room that is converted

Does your garage look more like a workshop than a place where you can park a car? Do you have an improvised office in the corner of your dining room? Well, you’ll need to think about getting things back to normal before your buyers come by on their first visit.

Most professional home stagers advise sellers not to have any converted rooms in their house at the time of the home staging. The reason is simple. You should not leave anything to the imagination of your potential buyers. They need to have a clear picture of how the property looks like if you want to keep them interested. The moment they see the messy atmosphere of the converted room, it can easily look repelling to them, and their first visit can also become their last one.

A man is standing next to a table, working.

Make sure all the areas in your home serve their purpose.

2. Messy and dirty rooms

Mess and dirt are the things that no one likes to see in any place. Especially not if they are about to give their money to buy it. That is why keeping your home neat throughout the process of offering it on the real estate market is important. Do a thorough cleaning, deal with the clutter, and make the order on the countertops. This rule goes especially for your bathroom and kitchen areas.

Declutter is essential since you can never know who will come into your home in the first place. It is crucial to keep personal items safe and away from curious looks. That’s why renting a storage unit for beginners, where you can place all your personal things, is a perfect way to keep your mind calm.

3. Curtains and rugs

Carpets, curtains, rugs, and drapes are not the items that will help you sell your home.

When it comes to rugs, they can create a feeling of chopped-up space. What’s more, they are usually areas where a lot of dust and dirt accumulate over time. So, if you do not want to have your carpets cleaned every week, the best would be not to have them at all. This is especially true for the wall-to-wall carpets that prevent your buyers from viewing the house’s floor.

On the other hand, when it comes to curtains, things do not change much. Although many would say they help the cozy atmosphere, it is also true that they cover one of the most important parts of the home– the windows.

4. Too much darkness

Even if you plan to sell your home as-is, the least you can do is provide enough light so that your buyers can see it properly. Moreover, you don’t want it to look like a dungeon when the first visitors come by. Brighten up the space. Make some use of your stylish lamps, and uncover all the windows. Let the light into your home, and that will have a positive effect on your buyers.

No one likes darkness, and that is the last thing buyers want to see in your home. Moreover, it can also make them think you are trying to hide something important in the first place.

Next to a window, there is a table, a chair, a plant, and some pictures.Poor lighting makes your home less appealing.

5. Wallpaper- one of the things buyers don’t want to see in your home

Even though wallpaper makes us remember the good old days, the truth is they are really old-fashioned. And, when it comes to offering your home on the real estate market, this will not make your property more appealing. On the contrary, buyers will more often consider it a flaw. People nowadays do not tend to use wallpaper to decorate their interiors. So, if your home has some, that will mean extra work for removing it before they come to the point of renovating the walls.

6. Unkempt yards

It is not rare that buyers change their minds upon buying a place just because they do not like the impression they meet at first glance. The house exterior and yard significantly impact buyers’ reactions to your property. So, make sure you mow the loan, deal with the long-forgotten bushes, and make some order in your garden.

What’s more, curb appeal can play a huge part here, too. Since your buyers will have the first glance at your home from the sidewalk, it is essential to put some effort into the look of your curbs, as well. It’s necessary to make an excellent first impression, as unkempt yards are one of the top things buyers don’t want to see in your home.

7. Your pets

Animals are something most people love. And your pet is usually your best friend, too. Still, you can never know how your dog will react to the unknown people roaming around your home. On the other hand, some people are allergic to pets, especially cats. If they come across your furry friend during the home tour, that will definitely leave a bad impression. So, do not risk. Leave your pet at your friend’s home, or ask someone to take it for a walk while your buyers are on their visit. That will hurt nobody and can help you sell your home.

A girl is sitting on a couch with her dogs. Pets are one of the things buyers don't want to see in your home on their first visit. Not everyone is pet friendly.

Now that you know these seven things buyers don’t want to see in your home, you should be ready for your first steps. Making your home appealing doesn’t always have to be expensive, but you need to know it does require a certain effort.

By Mary Aspen Richardson

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