Whangarei House Prices Property Appraisal

If you have a property you are thinking of selling in Whangarei or the surrounding areas, we would be very happy to provide you with a

FREE no obligation property market appraisal.

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This will be based on a comprehensive market review of your property type and features with comparable properties in the same or similar location, looking at properties recently sold.  This will be presented to you in a bound Book for you to hold with detailed market information.

Included in a property appraisal for your property:

  • Comparable properties recently sold and currently on the market for sale
  • Estimated selling range for your property in the current market.
  • Advice on the Best Method of Sale for your Property.
  • The latest Property Market Update on current movements and trends.

Included in a Listing Proposal for your property:

  • Customised proposed Marketing Strategy designed to achieve the best result for your property.
  • Recommendations on the Method of Sale to support the best result.
  • A Marketing Plan incorporating all media and social media options.
  • A Timeline of the Marketing and Selling Process.
  • Tips on getting your property ready to market.

Learn more here about how to get the Best Result in Selling Your Property

Ultimately Marketing is the key to getting the best result when selling your property, it is a bit like fishing, the better the tools and knowledge you have of your target market the better the fish or in this case BUYERS, and the better the BUYERS the better the PRICE you will secure.

So we use a wide range of marketing tools that are right up to date with the best methods of reaching the right / best buyers.

We use both active and push strategies as we can’t just wait and hope the best buyers will come to us, we need to go out and find them.

The power of good marketing cannot be under estimated in securing you the best result.


Steve and Miriam – “Aligned with our Views”The Power of Good Marketing

“We selected Steve & Miriam Davis to sell our property because we had had previous experience with them but mainly because their suggestions aligned with our views.
Via them we were able to sell our property on terms & at a price which matched our collective thoughts.
We are most grateful to them & wish them every success in the future.”

Keith and Vicky

Request a FREE no Obligation Property Appraisal Now