Harsh Truths to Accept When Selling Your Home

Harsh Truths to Accept When Selling Your Home

Harsh Truths to Accept When Selling Your Home

Emotions complicate everything, usually by overflowing us and decapacitating our critical thinking for a moment or two. For example, there are some harsh truths to accept when selling your home your soft heart has hidden from you.

A person holding a sign with red letters spelling “sale pending” and “sold.”

The sooner you go back to being objective, the faster you will sell your home and move on with your plans. Therefore, explore the following possible obstacles on your way in this situation.

It may not be worth as much as you were hoping

One of the mistakes a rookie makes when selling his or her home is setting a price without considering the situation on the market. Your capacity to evaluate the value of your home without relying on clear criteria can be seriously reduced. Plainly speaking, you like your home too much to accept it can’t be sold at the price you were hoping for. Now, please list your home at your desired price and let it sit there waiting for its gallant buyer to appear. But the number of days it spends on the market lowers its value.

On the other hand, if you deem it too cheap, people may start thinking there’s something fundamentally wrong with it. No one likes a house with hidden issues that will later translate into unplanned expenses. That may leave the house on the market even longer. Given that it is much better to be safe than sorry, do thorough research on how the market price is formed. You’ll spare yourself a lot of headaches.

Finding the perfect buyer can take time

So, you’ve made your plans regarding what you’ll do with the money from the sale. Unfortunately, the sale is taking much longer than it should be. No matter what kind of property you have, someone would surely like to own it. But there’s a good chance that someone is not looking for a house at the moment. One of the harsh truths to accept when selling your home is that it will likely take much longer than you think to sell it. Just arm yourself with patience and don’t make strict schedules that cannot be altered. It’s all you can do.

A woman sitting next to a huge clock.

Prepare to wait for the sale to take place, as that may not happen when you thought it would.

One of the harsh truths to accept when selling your home is that it is just a building

The place where you spend many years of your life eventually becomes infused with emotions for you. But as even those places end up on the market for legitimate reasons, you can’t expect a stranger to value it the way you do. In essence, it is just a building, and since you are selling it, try to see it that way. The little markings on the door frame that represent your growth and development over the year are just a nuisance to buyers. They will see them only as another item to repaint and, therefore, an expense. Be objective when you are observing your home to have realistic expectations when it comes to the buyers’ reactions and offers.

The items you consider endearing mementos can be clutter for the buyers

Most people have memorabilia around their homes.  Usually, such items sit around and wait to catch your eye and casually give you a throwback to some critical moment in your past. Naturally, for the others, those are just shabby old items that do not belong. They reduce your home’s value because they distract from the positive features you want the buyer to see. One way to resolve this issue, according to the moving and storage experts from golansmoving.com, is to put all your emotionally charged belongings into a storage unit. That would save them from being damaged yet make your home more buyer-friendly in a way.

A room with a red wall and a basketball team shirt, and other personal items on the wall.

One of the harsh truths to accept when selling your home is that the dear memorabilia that is scattered around is just clutter to the buyers.

Some people may consider your decorating style appalling

Tastes are not something we should ever discuss. What one person finds inspiring, the other may think of as a terrible decorating mistake. An accent wall you love looking at can seem like the wrong choice of color to others. In any case, prepare for some criticism you probably don’t think you deserve.

When you close the deal, it’s no longer your home, so don’t linger

Letting go of a home can be hard, especially if it is the one you grew up in. But once the deal is closed, you have to move on. To make it easier, make all the arrangements in advance. You don’t want some issues related to the logistics of relocation to create problems for you. For example, don’t forget to consider the size of your home, as that can influence the relocation costs. Additional costs are never welcome, especially when they come as a surprise. In general, the better organized you are, the smoother the transition that has to take place in the course of the sale will be.

A man that looks like he is a bit sad, sitting on the sofa.

Being emotional when you have to move out of your home is understandable, but don’t linger for too long.

People don’t care how much you invest but how much the market says it’s worth

You must understand that all the improvements you made on the home you are selling are not worth their cumulative costs. The buyers see the home’s value as a whole and don’t care how much the cost of the correction is.  You can point those details out but don’t expect them to raise the price. The value depends on the home’s condition and all its features, but no one will ask how much they set you back.

Final thoughts

No matter how thoroughly you prepare yourself for it, these harsh truths to accept when selling your home may be a bitter pill to swallow. Nevertheless, it would be best to focus on your reasons for making this decision and on the life that is coming. Remember that your home is essentially an object that may serve as a reminder of some fantastic times but is still an inanimate object. When you observe it like that, it is much easier to go through the necessary sale and much less stressful.

By Mary Aspen Richardson

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