Biggest Color Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home Decor

Biggest Colour Mistakes to Avoid

Biggest Colour Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home Decor

In the world of interior design, colours play a significant part. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to select just the right combination that will create the impression you want. If you are redecorating and need a bit of help, here are the biggest colour mistakes to avoid in your home decor.A person holding color palettes

Being too matchy-matchy doesn’t make a good impression

One of the rules for successfully implementing colors in a home is to coordinate colours and not match them. A room dominated by a single colour hue makes it look flat and not visually compelling. If you dislike combining different colors, at least use different shades of the same one. A good piece of advice is to start with lighter tones on top, going darker towards the floor. Also, if you want to be on the safe side and still introduce variety into your room’s colour palette, arrange several objects that are of different colours. This will seem fun and stylish.

A living room decorated, so the grey colour dominates the space

If you do not like to mix many different colours in a single room, at least opt for different hues of the colour of your choice.

Styling each room as if it has no connection to the rest of the house

Another one of the biggest colour mistakes to avoid in your home decor is to forget about the rest of the house. You can’t and act as if each room is an island of its own. A room may seem phenomenal and tasteful, but something seems off when you open the door to another room. It is like doing glamorous, red-carpet-ready make-up and styling your hair in two braids like a schoolgirl. Each room should be an integral part of a whole. Doors between the rooms are rarely constantly closed, so try to get what you can see through them, at least not to seem entirely out of place from that point of view. It’s unnecessary to get all rooms to be in the same tones, but at least they should seem like they belong to the same story. Mixing different styles is tricky but doable; just make sure you blend everything nicely.

Colours that “scream” at you from the walls

Never forget the primary goal of redecorating – feeling nice in your home. This aim should be paramount to every decision we make related to interior design. You might like a particular colour, but if it is too bright or harsh when put on the walls, it attacks your senses when entering the room. This may be perceived as disturbing. As some experts from have noticed, when people feel the colours of their home are overwhelming, they are generally not happy. Instead of going blindly for the exact colours you feel delighted seeing on paper, opt for more subdued hues. You do not want a colour to be so dominating that it stops your thought flow whenever you enter your own house. Otherwise, you can add your favorite bright colours but in smaller doses. This will be both chic and an expression of your taste.

A coral wall with a painting of flowers on it.

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid in your home decor is to have colours that “scream” at you.

Not giving eyes room to rest

The more striking the content of something we look at, the bigger the reaction it gets from the eyes. Even without conscious action, our eyes tend to analyze the elaborate details they encounter. This is why a room full of many components and striking colours may seem overwhelming. Some experts say in every space we live in; there should be parts of it for our eyes to rest. Those are usually large items in neutral colours or empty parts of the room. You want to achieve the overall feeling of pleasantness while you are in a room, so take this advice since it is not so hard to implement.

One of the colour mistakes to avoid in your home decor is following trends too literally

From time to time, a new colour trend surfaces, and half the world goes mad about it. However, one should be very careful when deciding to follow trends. Trending colour combinations usually go out of style after some time. Unless you are super-rich and intend to redecorate your home often, apply trends in home decor sparingly. Instead of getting your room entirely Santorini white-and-blue, opt for a more diluted style. Introduce white and blue details here and there, such as pillows, vases, and candles. This will make your home look luxurious, as a good selection of colours often can. So the general advice regarding trends is – less is more.

A sofa made of multiple colour patterns which is trendy, but following trends too much is one of the colour mistakes to avoid in your home décor

Sometimes, today’s trend that you are crazy about may seem awful in a few years to you.

Not applying the paint properly

Once you have selected the right colors for your walls, you should pay close attention to their application. If applied the wrong way or unprofessionally, the whole project is ruined. First, do some research on the exact type of wall finishing that will go best with the rest of the room. Just like with clothes, a white dress made of cotton becomes a completely different item when made of silk. The same goes for walls. Also, make sure the ones applying the color possess the right knowledge and skills to do it properly. Finally, it is also important not to damage what you have created in the end. When you are moving furniture, make sure you use the right tools, especially when it comes to moving bulky furniture pieces. You can’t keep your home decor in perfect condition forever, but it would be a shame to ruin everything before you even got to live in it, at least for a while.

Disregarding the Lighting

Choosing the colors is one thing, but did you consider the lighting? A single color looks completely different in the sun and subdued artificial light of a home. You should take a sample of the color you want to put somewhere in your home to be the dominating one and look at it for several days. Does it look the way you first imagined it? How do you feel about it? Consider this color at different times of the day, and then, after careful observations, decide if you are ready to go with it or not.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, after studying these color mistakes to avoid in your home decor, you are now ready to create a truly captivating design. With the right balance between too many different colors and too much of the same one, you can achieve a great result. Also, do not forget the effects of the lighting and make sure everything you have imagined is carried out properly. A bit of effort and some careful planning will get you the home you will enjoy living in.

By Mary Aspen Richardson

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