Top-Rated Places in New Zealand for Expat Families

Top-Rated Places in New Zealand for Expat Families

Top-Rated Places in New Zealand for Expat Families

It is not a rare case that expats choose New Zealand for their new future home. Some have dreamed about this long ago.

A view of the mountains, a water surface, and a road.

 Others, on the other hand, came up with the idea only after spending a holiday in one of the beautiful New Zealand cities. Anyway, the truth is that many people worldwide choose this island country to be their next living station. If you have ever thought you should find a new home somewhere, here is a list of top-rated places in New Zealand for expat families.

Northlands Bay of Islands is a boating paradise.

Northlands Bay of Islands is a boating paradise.

1. Northland – known locally as the winterless north

Known for its beautiful beaches, lifestyle offerings, and many activities to enjoy, Northland is becoming an increasingly popular destination to settle. It is renowned for its boating life with a wide range of places to go and the excellent ‘Bay of Islands’ with ideal boating conditions. Furthermore, Northland has overtaken popular retirement regions Tauranga and Mount Maunganui — which are now too expensive for some — thanks to its relative affordability and lifestyle.

Whangarei District Council has announced its new growth strategy. The district has seen its population surge over the past ten years, resulting in a range of quality house and land packages available in subdivisions near the east coast and surroundings of Whangarei. Also, a rich, natural environment and flourishing economy have contributed to the pace of growth.

2. Auckland- the largest city

If you are an expat and plan to move to New Zealand, your first pick must have been Auckland. As the largest city in the whole country, Auckland counts over 1.5 million residents. It has everything one big city can offer: a great real estate market, various job opportunities, and a lot of diversity. Although the living costs in Auckland are slightly high, people who decide to move there find it reasonable considering its amenities.

First of all, there comes a wide range of available working options. It is pretty easy to find a job in Auckland, no matter the industry you are in. On the other hand, raising a family in this city means a lot of exciting activities all year round. The Auckland weather is more than agreeable. The pleasantly warm climate allows endless days spent on the nearby beaches, enjoying the beautiful views and outdoor activities. Apart from surfing, sailing, and hiking tours, you can also spend a great time shopping, visiting theaters, or having dinner with friends in one of the pleasant restaurants downtown.

Alt text: A person at the beach during the sunset. The proximity to the best beaches makes Auckland one of the top-rated places in New Zealand for expat families.

A person at the beach during the sunset. The proximity to the best beaches makes Auckland one of the top-rated places in New Zealand for expat families.

Enjoy the perfect climate.

3. Wellington- one of the top-rated places in New Zealand for expat families

The country’s capital, Wellington, is considered by many to be one of the most extraordinary capital cities in the world. It is not a huge metropolitan city. Nor is it a small town. Wellington’s size is perfect for raising kids and having a good family life. Unlike Auckland, where the living costs are high, life in the capital is much more affordable. The everyday activities you can practice with your kids are on a wide range. And, you’d like to know that two highly rated schools are in Wellington.

When it comes to the job market, there should be no problems either. Many options are available in Wellington, especially for hard-working expatriates with suitable qualifications. What’s more, companies in Wellington are willing to sponsor getting work-related visas to encourage newcomers in the area.

Finally, finding a lovely apartment in Wellington is an easy task. The real estate market in the capital is pretty affordable. It is possible to live in the city center on a budget. And, in case you need to go somewhere around, there is excellent public transport known for its functionality.

Therefore, no matter which part of the world you come from, you and your family will find your piece in New Zealand’s capital. And for all those moving from the USA to New Zealand, it will be possible to ensure a smooth transfer by hiring reliable movers.

4. Christchurch- the biggest city on the South Island

Over the years, Christchurch has been popular among newcomers, especially expatriates, for its affordable living costs. Moreover, it has the lowest living costs compared with Auckland and Wellington.

No matter whether you are going to buy or rent your New Zealand home, this city is the right place for you. Thanks to the rebuilding projects after the earthquake, the houses in this area are considerably new and well-built. And when it comes to prices, they are also very affordable.

One interesting fact about this city is that many people use their bicycles as a preferable way of transportation. Over 60 kilometers of cycleway are built in Christchurch, often used for traveling to school or commuting.

A real estate agent shows a house to a family.

Houses in Christchurch are of high quality, which makes this city the top-rated place in New Zealand for expat families.

5. New Plymouth- a city in the North Island area

Moving to New Plymouth means experiencing classical New Zealand life. That is the best option for those who seek peaceful and far calmer living options than all the ones mentioned above. Living in New Plymouth promises a lot of nature to enjoy your days in, beautiful views, and numerous outdoor activities for all family members.

Living costs in this city are low, and the housing options are also very affordable. When talking about jobs, expats who move to this city are again among the lucky ones. The most popular are teaching, food and gas engineering industry.

For its everyday life, New Plymouth is again among the top-rated places in New Zealand for expat families. Thanks to its beautiful parks, playgrounds, and proximity to the fantastic beaches, you and your kids will have a great time together.

6. Hamilton- the city of the future

Only an hour from the city of Auckland, there comes a place that offers all the big city amenities but with the less hustle and bustle—a perfect place for families.

Hamilton is a city in development. The number of residents there grows every year. Most of them come for an affordable living while still having a chance to live near all the Auckland amenities.

Speaking about housing options, they are also considerably lower than those in nearby Auckland. Some estimations have shown that buying or renting a home in Hamilton for more than 25% lower costs than in New Zealand’s biggest city is possible. So, if at some point you decide to buy yourself a home, you will have a big chance to realize your dreams.

Two people are holding a model of a wooden house

This is a perfect chance to get yourself a family home.

Final words

Has our story about the top-rated places in New Zealand for expat families inspired you to consider moving there? If you got some ideas, you’d better start making a plan. Those who have moved to New Zealand long ago claim you won’t make a mistake.

By Mary Aspen Richardson

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