How to Convert Your Attic into a Stylish Bedroom

How to Convert Your Attic into a Stylish Bedroom

How to Convert Your Attic into a Stylish Bedroom

The attic can be a useless horror-like space no one goes to or a stylish area you will love waking up in. Why not make it the latter? Is there no reason not to capitalize on this extra room in your home? Here is some advice on how to convert your attic space into a stylish bedroom you will enjoy every minute.

A large bedroom in the attic which can be used as an inspiration if you want to convert your attic into a stylish bedroom.

Don’t forget to repair all the damages

Unlike other rooms in the house, the attic often suffers from various damages. Before making it stylish, it is vital to repair your attic first. Some of the damages may be much more serious than they seem, especially once you start spending your nights up there. For example, leaks may destroy your furniture. The point is, it is much better to do the repairs before you finish decorating it than to damage your hard work later. Our advice is to do a good and detailed inspection of the structural state of your attic and fix what is broken immediately. That way, you will save yourself from unnecessary headaches in the future.

Introduce an adequate amount of light

Even though lighting is integral in all the rooms, attic lighting may be tricky. The reason for that is the smaller number of windows than in the other house areas. Yet, if you want to convert your attic into a stylish bedroom, you will need to find a way to introduce an adequate amount of light there. The first thing you can do is consult with experts on your options regarding natural light. Installing larger windows may be a bit of an expensive solution, but it will make a huge difference.

On the other hand, there are other lighting options you can consider. As you probably have limited funds for this renovation, don’t make hasty decisions. Research well, and choose wisely. Just bear in mind that it is best to make decisions related to lighting before you start with painting and furniture. Some of the works associated with this step might require drilling the walls and might leave a mess behind.

Larger attics can have an interesting layout

The proud owners of large attics have a fascinating possibility of creating a bedroom with an interesting layout. Your bedroom may be an open-plan one, or you may introduce partition walls. This allows for an on-suite bath or a little hall, all with different flooring solutions. Again, this largely depends on your budget and the available time for the conversion. If you opt for the space with partition walls, don’t forget that you will be moving furniture. Just be careful when handling it. You do not want to damage anything, create more work, and increase costs.

A large attic bedroom with seating and a bathing area.

Large attic can include a bathing area as well

A minimalist design is great for smaller attics

And then there are small attics. Generally, a minimalist design is a safe approach to decorating small spaces. This decorating style leaves more free room on the floor and the walls. With that, there will not be any feeling of confinement, and the people will feel cozy. Also, minimalist designs are mostly a cheaper solution that looks quite stylish, so it is a good choice even when running on a tight budget.

It is an excellent solution for smaller attics, but it doesn’t mean you should avoid it in bigger ones. A big minimalist attic makes a powerful impression on people. Some of us experience a sort of joy when there is a large amount of roaming space in a room, no matter how impractical it may seem. Finally, a minimalist design is much easier to carry out properly, so if you prefer it, it’s a perfect fit for you.

A white bedroom with green details in a small attic.

A minimalist bedroom design is a great fit for a small attic

Convert your attic into a stylish bedroom with a dressing room

Those that like out-of-the-box thinking might want to consider installing a dressing room within your attic bedroom. It may even be separated by a partition wall or a dressing screen if you want it to be a tad more unique. You will use this corner of your bedroom to get dressed and undressed, so consider putting a clothing rack there. Imagine how cool it would be to put the clothes for the next day in the dressing corner of your bedroom. It would be both practical and stylish. If there is extra space, you could also put a make-up table there, and getting ready for work becomes a ritual of its own.

One of the experts from says that he noticed many of their clients commented that areas designated for a particular usage, such as getting dressed, for example, made them tidier. Getting dressed in a specific space reduces the chance of clothes being scattered around the house. After all, the ladies in the castles had this feature, so why shouldn’t you?

An elegant dressing screen

When you convert your attic into a stylish bedroom, consider a dressing screen as an unusual yet practical detail

Use intricate wallpaper as a cool detail

All stylish designs imply attention to detail when it comes to the choice of colours. One idea that will surely make your bedroom pop is putting intricate wallpaper on the ceiling. First of all, this makes the space look unusual. There is truly a large selection of wallpaper textures. So spend some time exploring this possibility to find the perfect one for your attic bedroom. If most of the space is going to be minimalist and of the same colour, adding an unusual wallpaper may be a centrepiece of the room you need.

Unusual yet practical storage solutions

What is particular about the attic are the awkward corners with the low ceiling, which may seem useless. These are best converted into storage space. With a bit of imagination, this can add up to the stylishness of the room and be fully practical at the same time. Usually, there is no such thing as too much storage space. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to add some more where nothing else seems to be more fitting.

Final thoughts

No matter its shape and size, you can convert your attic into a stylish bedroom with some imaginative thinking. Sit down, do some thorough research, and choose the best solutions your budget can afford. Surround your dreams with style and get yourself to love what you see when you open your eyes in the morning.

By Mary Aspen Richardson

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