7 Awesome Reasons to Move to New Zealand

7 Awesome Reasons to Move to New Zealand

7 Awesome Reasons to Move to New Zealand


While New Zealand is best known for its stunning natural beauty, it also has a vibrant culture and friendly people. With such a small population and a variety of regions, there’s plenty to explore. New Zealand is the perfect destination for travelers looking for an alternative to Australia. Here are 7 awesome reasons to move to New Zealand.

Scenic view of the mountains

Stunning Scenery

The stunning terrain of New Zealand is well-known on a global scale. The distinctive combination of glaciers, active volcanoes, and infinite rolling hills covered in lush greenery has long attracted tourists, ex-pats, as well as several filmmakers. Both the North and South Islands are supported by magnificent mountain ranges, which are interspersed with serene lakes in their valleys. You can go on a glacier hike, scale a volcano, or take a photo next to a gushing geyser. If you believe that Australia is the only country with beaches, think again. New Zealand’s extensive coastline offers lots of options for swimming, surfing, and sightseeing, including the amazing 90-mile beach found in the country’s far north.

Maori Culture

The Maori culture is a rich and unique part of New Zealand’s history, present, and future. With a population of 4% or less than 1 million people living on the island, the indigenous people have impacted all aspects of New Zealand culture. The government recently recognized the Maori language as an official language in 2013. Many places in New Zealand have names that are derived from Maori words or phrases, such as Auckland (A-Kura + ki = bay) or Whanganui River (Whanganui meaning large river). You can learn more about this fascinating culture by visiting Te Papa Tongarewa Museum or spending time with your friendly neighbors at Kiwi Experience! The indigenous people of New Zealand are called Maori. They came to the island nation around 1000 AD, and their culture is still alive today. The Maori population comprises approximately 15% of the total population in New Zealand, with a population of 4%. Nowadays, people love implementing a few details into their home style from this rich culture.

Beautiful People

While you may think that the Kiwis are all about rugby, sheep, and the Lord of the Rings, the people of New Zealand are known worldwide for their friendliness and welcoming nature.

The people here are diverse: they’re proud of their country, like to have fun, and can also tell a good joke when needed.

A person standing near a body of water One of the 7 awesome reasons to move to New Zealand is great people

Amazing Food

New Zealand is home to many types of food for you to enjoy. The country has a thriving restaurant scene that offers everything from fine dining to fast food and from cheap eats to gourmet cuisine. New Zealanders have a taste for something new, so there are plenty of Asian restaurants offering burritos and kebabs alongside traditional fish ‘n chips. Some Kiwis like their food spicy; others prefer it mild. Whatever your preference is, you’re sure to find something that suits your palate here!

Lots to See and Do in Every Region

There are 7 awesome reasons to move to New Zealand, but one of the main ones is that there is so much to do and see in every region. If you decide to move to another country, you would certainly benefit if you search for help from a skilled team who have a lot of experience in international moving jobs. Nature changes from region to region—as do the accommodation options and climate. For example, the South Island is mountainous with lots of snow sports activities, while Auckland has a subtropical climate perfect for surfing or catching up on some beach time.

Aerial photography of the island There is plenty of fun and attractions in every city

There are also plenty of fun attractions in every city: Auckland has casinos and aquariums; Christchurch has a museum; Wellington has botanic gardens and galleries; Dunedin has a museum as well as several wineries (many with tours); Queenstown offers skydiving or bungee jumping off bridges into rivers or lakes—or you could just hike around nearby mountains like Mount Cook National Park!

Although there are lots of things you can do outdoors in New Zealand during any season (or even year-round), some activities require specific seasons: skiing only happens on Mt Ruapehu between February–April each year; whale watching trips take place between May-August each year because whales tend not to migrate during winter months; snowboarding championships happen around March each year whereupon people flock from all over NZ for an opportunity at winning cash prizes!

Many Jobs

New Zealand has a skills gap due to the country’s robust economy and the need to rebuild Christchurch. The government has implemented several policies to make it simpler for foreign nationals to relocate to New Zealand and fill open positions. Organizations like Skills in Demand aggressively publicize which posts are being recruited and identify skills gaps. Working in a field currently in demand can improve your points as a skilled immigrant or open the door for you to apply for a temporary work visa, as advised by our consultants from Eagle Van Lines. Work to residence visa permits you to seek residency after two years if you are employed in a region with a “long-term shortage.”


The subtropical climate of New Zealand is often hotter and drier than the UK. Particularly the east coast of the North Island has long, pleasant summers and relatively moderate winters. The country’s verdant terrain is evidence that New Zealand receives copious amounts of rainfall, even though its totals are still lower than those of the UK. You will be able to spend more time outdoors at the beach or park thanks to the lovely, moderate weather; nevertheless, you shouldn’t fully abandon your umbrella.

Grey asphalt road surrounded by treesYou will be able to spend a lot of time outdoors


After reading these 7 awesome reasons to move to New Zealand, it is clear there are so many reasons why this country should be your next home! It’s beautiful, welcoming, and affordable.

By Mary Aspen Richardson

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