Want to know how best to sell your property

Getting Ready to Sell Your Loved Home

Getting Ready to Sell Your Loved Home

Selling your largest asset is no small acheivement and you will want to get the best result as you can only sell it once.  Team Davis Sales Consultants are here to help you answer that very question and to assist you to market your home in a way that will ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Selling your home, you will want to know how much your loved home is worth and how to get the best result when selling?

We can give you advice on selling your home, especially pricing based on recent market valuation information.  Also advise on which method of selling might be right for you to sell your property to ensure you secure the best possible outcome.

You will find all the information you need on this website with links to informative websites and a list of the Services that will help you through this important process.

So let’s get the ball rolling – if you don’t have the time to get your property in great condition for selling, then we can help with finding the right resource to help you prepare your home for sale.  All you need to do is to contact us, use our Contact page or just call us on 021 820 015

Be careful about spending too much money on making home improvements before you sell your property. Major renovations may make your home sell more quickly but not necessarily for more return.  Low cost, high impact improvements on the other hand that have the potential to increase the value of your property are highly recommended.  We can help you with what your should and shouldn’t do.

We have a list of things that will help you to prepare your property to go to market and get a successful sale.  Preparing your property for sale.

Working with a Real Estate Agent will provide a better result in Selling Your Property

Did you know that Real Estate Agents typically get you a better price, latest survey shows that this can be as much as +15% more.

Once you find the right real estate company, there are still many more things to do. One of the first things that will happen is the real estate company will set up a meeting during which they will provide you with a free market appraisal. This evaluation will give you an accurate value for your home so you will know more about how much you can expect to sell it for based on its condition, size, location and various other factors.

Team Davis Can Help You in the Process of Selling Your Home

The value of the home will play a prominent role in much of the selling process. To get the best price you need to find the best buyer, this is why good Marketing is so important.  Marketing is like fishing, you need to have good gear and know what you are doing to get the best fish.  Finding the best buyers will lead to the best result.  So, when you’re asking, “how to sell my property” a good marketing plan is a must! Team Davis offer a Free Property Appraisal and will discuss a proposed marketing plan with you designed to get the best result for you.  We can you give you lots of advice on the selling process and how to get the best result for you.  So if you are thinking of selling, don’t delay Contact Team Davis with Harcourts Whangarei.

Most importantly you need to seek good advice from a Property Consultant whether that’s us or someone else, we highly recommend that you do this.

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