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Budget-friendly home improvement ideas

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is still going strong. This means staying home all the time. But, this also means that you are saving money you would otherwise spend on traveling, eating out, hobbies, etc. So, why not use that money to improve the state and the look of your home? Renovating and redecorating the interior […]

Buying a Home in New Zealand: A Guide for Foreigners

If you’ve watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you’ve probably considered moving to New Zealand. This beautiful island country truly has some jaw-dropping landscapes that make hiking a pure joy. And if you are considering relocating to New Zealand, we can only assume that you are also considering buying a home here. With this […]

How to Design Safe Bathrooms for the Elderly

The main reason why older adults leave their homes is that it becomes impractical and uncomfortable for them. Tasks that were once a routine become risky and challenging things to do as we get older. Probably the most problematic room in the house becomes the bathroom. Slippery floors, tiles everywhere, and a dangerous shower/bathtub make […]

How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget

How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget Everybody knows how important physical activity is. It’s excellent for our health – both physical and mental. And staying strong and healthy during the past year was extremely important because of the whole Coronavirus situation. Since everything was closed, many people started working out at home. […]

Why People Invest in Real Estate

In today’s world, there are all sorts of great places to invest your money. From finance schemes to shares to cryptocurrencies, modern investing knows no bounds. With so many ways and places to invest, you may be wondering why so many people continue to choose real estate.

6 Tips for Designing a Smart Kitchen A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where you start your day by grabbing a morning coffee and a quick bite before heading to work. It welcomes you after a hard day with a refreshing beverage and a savory meal. And, if you love cooking, it’s […]

Buying a fixer-upper tips for first-time homebuyers

Buying a fixer-upper tips for first-time homebuyers Being a first-time homebuyer, your budget might not allow you to purchase a property that is ready for you to move in immediately. In fact, some estimates note that around 70% of people aged from 18 to 34 plan on buying a fixer-upper. Luckily, it’s possible to improve […]

How to Layer Lighting and Make Your Home Shine

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current home décor, but not sure what needs a change?
Before you swap out the furniture, paint your walls, or upgrade your floors, it’s important to make sure that your current lighting plan is one that complements your home style.

Lighting has the ability to make or break the look and feel of your home. Without the right lighting, focal points, architectural details, unique textures, and even gorgeous colors can get lost.
The key to a good lighting plan is a layered approach that combines four types of light: Ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting. Here’s how to use all four to make your home shine.

How to Turn Your Garage into a Home Office

How to Turn Your Garage into a Home Office At this point, the odds are that your “home office” is really just a kitchen counter or a coffee table. However, with the steady cadence of businesses across the globe adopting and employees welcoming the remote work policies, home offices have become a must. WFH is […]

Top Ways to Add Value to Your Garden

Most people will spruce up their property by decluttering and cleaning their house, but many people don’t realise how much impact their garden can have. Here are some easy ways to help ensure your garden adds value to your property before you put it on the market.