Finding Your Place in Victoria as a New Expat Homeowner

Finding Your Place in Victoria as a New Expat Homeowner

Tips for Finding Your Place in Victoria as a New Expat Homeowner

When looking for a new home in a foreign country, it’s vital to connect with the right real estate specialists early in your search.

Downtown Victoria across the water

Victoria, known for its community and landscapes, offers a unique living experience that draws many expats each year. This guide will help you with finding your place in Victoria as a new expat homeowner.

What You Need to Know About Victoria’s Real Estate Market

Victoria’s real estate market can be challenging to navigate without local knowledge. As you start adapting to real estate market changes, it’s crucial to understand the latest market trends and property values. In the last year, average home prices in Victoria have seen an upward trend, influenced by its growing popularity and limited housing supply. In April 2024, the average listing price for homes in Victoria, BC, reached $708,155, marking a 1.2% increase from the previous month’s average of $699,745. To make informed decisions, consider attending local real estate workshops and subscribing to market analysis reports. These tools offer insights into price fluctuations and investment opportunities, ensuring you make a savvy purchase.

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Finding your place in Victoria as a new expat homeowner is easier if you know the real estate market

Choose the Right Neighborhood

Finding your place in Victoria as a new expat homeowner also means finding a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Here are some top picks:

  • Fairfield: Has a community-oriented atmosphere, making it ideal if you’re looking for a neighborhood that balances suburban charm with easy access to downtown Victoria.
  • Oak Bay: If a scenic and serene environment appeals to you, Oak Bay, with its stunning ocean views and quaint village feel, might be the spot. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a quieter, more laid-back lifestyle.
  • James Bay: For those who love history and community life, James Bay offers a mix of old-world charm and modern amenities. It’s one of the oldest neighborhoods and is within walking distance of both the downtown core and the beautiful Inner Harbour.

In these areas, local amenities like schools, parks, and shops are abundant, making them attractive for expats looking to integrate smoothly into their new environment.

Move With the Help of Local Experts

Moving to a new country is a thrilling adventure but can also be complex. Fortunately, Hendra Moving and Storage Victoria offer a tailored international moving experience to ensure your relocation is as seamless as possible. With over 40 years of experience, this company specializes in providing stress-free transitions, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Their diverse fleet is designed to handle any move, ensuring your belongings are transported safely and efficiently.

Become Part of the Community

Once you’ve settled in a neighborhood, participating actively in the community is your next move. Victoria hosts a variety of specific local events and gatherings that can help you connect with others. For example, you could join the annual Victoria International JazzFest, which brings together music lovers from all over or participate in the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival, an exciting and culturally rich event. Sports enthusiasts might enjoy joining local leagues like the Victoria Soccer Club or participating in the TC10K, a popular annual 10-kilometer race around the city.


Volunteering is another excellent way to meet locals and contribute to the community. Consider lending a hand at the Mustard Seed Food Bank or joining beach clean-up events organized by the Surfrider Foundation. These activities help you connect with your new neighbors, allow you to contribute positively to your new home, and gain a deeper understanding of Victoria’s cultural nuances.

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You can become part of the community by giving to the community

Lifestyle Considerations in Victoria

Once you finally make that international move and reach Victoria with expert assistance by hiring movers, embracing a lifestyle that’s both relaxed and invigorating is a must—everyone does it. Here, outdoor activities are a part of daily life thanks to the mild climate. On average, Victoria enjoys over 2,233 hours of sunshine a year. It also has one of the mildest winters in Canada, making you eager to enjoy warm weather in the Great White North. This climate allows you to experience outdoor activities year-round. Here are some more perks:

  • Outdoor Activities: After an international move to Victoria, there’s always something to keep you active, whether it’s hiking through the lush trails of Mount Douglas Park, kayaking in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, or cycling scenic routes like the Galloping Goose Regional Trail.
  • Cultural Experiences: Victoria is all about arts and culture. From visiting the Royal BC Museum to attending performances at the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, cultural enthusiasts have plenty to explore.
  • Food Scene: The city is also known for its food scene, which includes everything from seaside cafes to high-end restaurants featuring local seafood and organic produce.

Financial and Legal Tips

In order to move abroad safely, you must understand the financial and legal frameworks of your new country. In Canada, specifically in Victoria, navigating property laws and tax regulations can initially seem intimidating. Here are a few tips to help you manage:

  • Ensure you have a good understanding of the Canadian banking system and available financial services.
  • Consult a local tax advisor to understand any tax implications related to buying property and your residency status.
  • Familiarize yourself with the legal steps involved in buying a home, such as securing a mortgage and transferring property titles.

Expat Resources and Support Systems

Victoria offers a wealth of resources designed to help expats integrate into their new environment. Local expat groups and online forums are excellent places. These platforms can provide valuable advice, from navigating day-to-day challenges to understanding more complex legal and financial landscapes. Additionally, consider the following resources:

  • Expat Meetups: Regular meetups and social events help connect you with other expats who have gone through similar experiences.
  • Cultural Integration Classes: These can include language courses and cultural orientation sessions to help you better understand and integrate into Canadian society.

Engaging with these resources helps in practical terms and enriches your social life, making your transition into Victoria smoother and more fulfilling.

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Caption: Expat groups exist in every city

Finding Your Place in Victoria as a New Expat Homeowner Can Be a Fun Experience

In summary, finding your place in Victoria as a new expat homeowner involves more than just buying a house. The process of building a new life there starts as soon as you get your foot in the door. By following these tips and staying proactive, you can make the most of your new life in Victoria and truly find your place in this charming Canadian city.

By Mary Aspen Richardson

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