Add Value to Your Home with Home Improvements

Add Value to Your Home with Home Improvements

Owning a house is a never-ending project, and if you wish to blissfully enjoy the perks of your own home and move its value up a bit on the property ladder, you may want to know about what projects are good to invest in. So, let’s see which Home Improvements are good for you to consider to add value to your home.

Home Improvements that will add value to your property outside

Make sure your property is sound structurally

Before you even think about making your interior improvements, you need to remember that no home should have structure issues unattended to. So, get your tools out or hire a professional and start here. Check the foundation and check for any weathertight issues. Next check your floors and see if they have any issues eg. loose floorboards. Then check your walls, look for any wall damage eg. cracks in the gib, check for any insect infestation, and if required consider adding insulation. Then, you can focus on the roof and look for any rotten joists or timbers, replace any missing or damaged flashings, treat any rust or fix broken tiles.

A new coat of paint

There is nothing like a new coat of paint to give your property a whole new look.  All you need is some inspiration, which is pretty easy to find. You can hire a designer if you are unsure, but you can easily find inspiration on the Internet. One of today’s biggest trends is ombre walls which will make your home looks like the ones you see in magazines. But if this is a little too much for you, you can always rely on your favourite colours. Just make sure they are soothing and that they fall into the category of neutral and warm colours.  Keep in mind your furniture that needs to go with this.

Home Improvements that will add value to your property kitchen

Kitchen upgrades

If you ask any real estate expert which home upgrades will pay off the most, the answer will be your kitchen. So, do a mini-remodel. Find a new colour for your kitchen walls, and you can even repaint the cabinets to give the room a new modern feel. Then, make a focal point around your sink with a new colourful back-splash. Replace your tap-ware. After that’s taken care of, you could add some new energy-efficient appliances.


Home Improvements that will add value to your property bathroom

Bathroom upgrades

The same goes for your bathroom. It is a crucial room and it if could use an upgrade get on and plan a make over. Check your key fittings, sink, bathtub and shower enclosure for any leaks or cracks, or completely replace them with a new design. Change your tap-ware and even consider going green with low-flow faucets and shower heads. Replace the bench tops with marble or granite ones which will add a modern feel. Also display plenty of soft towels, scented candles and soap bars for the ultimate spa-like feel.

Home Improvements that will add value to your property

Increase storage

New-built homes usually come with plenty of storage. However, if your home is older, it probably lacks storage space. Besides the basic storage like coat and linen closets, you should consider expanding. Add new wardrobe storage systems that provide better use of space and look modern. Also, don’t neglect those DIY projects that include reorganising your pantry, relying on decorative baskets and bins or giving your old attic and basement a make over.

There you have it. These Home Improvements are the best options for adding a little extra value to your home without major cost and a well presented home will also sell better and achieve a better price than a poorly presented home.

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