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Why Team Davis Is Your Trusted Real Estate Partner

Why Team Davis Is Your Trusted Real Estate Partner When Selling your House

Are you selling real estate in Northland area or know someone who is selling theirs? If yes, then you’ll be interested in learning what Team Davis can offer; we are professional real estate and property company that continues to help Northlanders sell or buy their dream homes. Recent statistics show that the value of most Northland homes continues to rise even by comparison to the national standards. For instance, the value of homes in the Whangarei has increased year on year for the past 5 years. We can attribute this rise to Northland’s rich culture and marine paradise, plus a tropical-like climate that hardly experiences winter.

At Team Davis, our job is to help you sell your property and make the most out of it, without breaking much sweat. Having been in the property business for many years, we will help appraise the value of your property and proceed to find you the best buyer for your needs.

It’s a Better Option to Sell Real Estate Through an Estate Agent

It’s worth noting that selling a house through an estate agent is always a better option and you’re likely to make more than if you went it alone. Most homeowners selling real estate tend to be in a hurry and thus settle for the first interested buyer who comes knocking—but this should never be the case! We can help you find the highest bidder for your property. We’re one of the leading house estate agents in New Zealand, and our client list is long. Traditionally, property sales tend to go down during Christmas and the New Year as families and friends enjoy the festivities, but you don’t have to wait until early next year to list your property for sale.

In fact, according to our market analysis, there are more buyers than there is property to sell! Which is why are looking for property owners looking to sell their homes; we have extensive knowledge of the local areas and will advise you on what you need to spruce up and improve on your property to enhance its value. Our property appraisals are done free, and we are always unbiased while at it.

Refer a Friend and Gain a Shopping Voucher

If you know of a friend or family member looking to sell their property, let us know. If you connect us and the property sells, we’ll gift you with a shopping voucher worth $500 as a token of appreciation. Integrity and honesty are at the core of all our transactions. We always place the interests of the property owner to the fore and we’re always willing to listen to you and your concerns. Our team of professionals has been in the business of selling real estate for a long time, and as such, we bring a wealth of experience on the table.

Maximise the profits of the property you’re selling by working with us; we will get you the ideal buyer in 39 days or less. Try us today and find out why we’ve been voted for the last five years as the best real estate brand in New Zealand.

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