How to Plan a Living Room Remodel

How to Plan a Living Room Remodel

How to Plan a Living Room Remodel

If you’re just moving into a new place, or you’ve been living in the same place for quite some time, you might want to change some things in your surroundings. And since the living room is where you probably spend most of your time, it’s a great place to start a remodel. But remodeling an entire room is anything but easy, so it’s good to be prepared and set some ground rules before getting your hands dirty. So, what are the steps and how do you start such a project?

How to Plan a Living Room Remodel

Set a budget

The most important thing with any big remodel or home project is to set a budget. There are two ways to go about doing this: The first is to see how much money you have available for such a project. It can be a chunk of your savings, or a bonus that you’ve received, but you need to set a general sum, with a little bit of a cushion.  Then you start looking around to find things that you can do that fit into that budget. This might mean remodeling only one part of the room. The second method is to determine what are all the things you want to get done in the room, from furniture to wall painting, see the average costs of everything, add it all up and start saving until you have that sum available. Whichever way you choose, you need to do your planning in advance and try not to stray from the plan, because unexpected costs can add up fast, and you will be put in a situation where you will burn through your budget a lot faster than you had originally planned.


There will always be some additional work that you want to do, and home decoration is a job that is never truly completed. However, if you make a list of all the things you want to do right now, then you can prioritize which parts you want to do first, and which can wait for the next time. On the top of your list should be the things that will make your life more comfortable, like new furniture or installing elegant sliding doors to separate a quiet reading area from the general gathering area. Next, you want to see what are the things that now best fit in your budget and situation. If it’s summertime, you might want to paint the walls, since they will dry faster when it’s hot and you can open the windows. Or if it’s a time when your kids are away from home for a while and the room won’t be used, you can replace the flooring, or do other similar bigger changes.

Set a date

Renovating an entire room is not a small task that you can do in a day. It takes time, and that means planning. You need to calculate the “out of order” time for the room. Will it be a weekend, a week or a month? Plan this around different events you have that might require the use of the room. Secondly, you might need to take some vacation days, because working in the morning and remodeling in the afternoon will wear you out fast, and you won’t be productive in either activity when that happens. You might also want to plan around the season, different weather conditions or even dates when you can borrow storage space for your furniture.

Decide on a style

If you go into a remodel with just a faint idea of what kind of couch you want, you will end up with a disjointed room that feels just thrown together. Go online, look at magazines and pay attention when you go to people’s houses. What kind of style appeals to you the most? Which one could you see yourself sitting in every day for the next couple of years? Finding a style you want to achieve is a great starting point, and having a vision board with different inspirational images will help you stay on track with a style plan. And while you definitely don’t have to stick to a single style, having it as a base is a great way to put your spin on things without making the room look crazy. When looking for furniture, go for something more neutral that can fit into several different styles, so that when you want to change things up, you don’t have to buy completely new pieces.

Renovating your living room is a big project, but with careful and strategic planning, it can be an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re going into it with a professional crew, or by yourself with a single paintbrush, keep a cool head and do everything in your power to make your vision come to life. Just imagine, in a short time, you will be sitting in your new living room, sipping coffee and reading a book. And if you can imagine it – you can achieve it.

By Diana Smith