Foolproof Ways to Secure Your New Home

Foolproof Ways to Secure Your New Home

Foolproof Ways to Secure Your New Home

Homes are often not built with the utmost security in mind. They are comfortable, inviting and appealing, but fail miserably when they need to keep burglars and trespassers at bay. So, I hate to spoil the fun, but your new home might have some loopholes you need to address. The good news is that there are many inexpensive and effective tactics to help you pull it off. You can protect your family and precious belongings without going out of your way. Here are some essential measures to beef up your safety.

Reinforce windows

One problem area to focus on comes in the form of windows. Those on the first story are the favorite entry point for burglars. Then again, basement and second-story windows can be used as well, which is to say you should not neglect them. The main issue is that the latches that come with them tend to be flimsy and ineffective. You are better off investing in new locks and key-operated levers. Likewise, you might want to add laminated or tempered glass as another layer of protection.

Invest in a Security SystemInvest in a security system

A fully-fledged security system takes your security to the next level. There are many smart setups that include video surveillance, alarms, motion sensors and other components. Of course, the type of system you should get depends on factors such as your budget and the risk level in the area. For instance, a high-end system might be overkill for a low-crime neighborhood. Besides, it has been proven that even fake cameras and alarms serve as effective deterrents.

Secure the doors Secure the doors

One third of all burglars enter the same way you do – through the doors. So, carry out a thorough inspection of all your doors. Frames should be sturdy and hinges well-protected. You can install a peephole and deadbolt for extra safety. Smart locks are a more expensive measure, but they are more than worth it too. Some models even allow you to monitor and open the door with your smartphone. Just make sure you have a solution or service to rely on in case you get locked out.

Outsmart wrongdoers

One of the most effective ways to secure a home is to create the impression that somebody is always inside. Therefore, ask neighbors to periodically do away with signs (such as piled-up newspapers) that suggest you are away. Use automation technology to make the lights go on and off randomly. Do the same with noisemakers like TV and radio. Note that you can also do some remote monitoring with advanced surveillance packages.

Light it up

Furthermore, make an effort to deny trespassers the cover of their greatest allies: darkness and shadows. Outdoor lighting solutions are the way to go here. Fittings with built-in motion sensors are a particularly nice addition to your security arsenal. Place them in strategic positions in your back and front yard. With the spotlight on them, even seasoned thieves would think twice before proceeding with their illicit operations.

Ensure there are no hiding places

Silver CCTV Camera on the white wall

Ensure there are no hiding places

One final tactical advantage intruders could have are hiding places. To identify them, take a stroll around your property and keep your eyes peeled for anything that fits the bill. Feel free to test these spots from the standpoint of those you want to turn away. Usually, they are features that enhance your curb appeal, such as bushes, trees and shrubs. So, like it or not, you need to trim them or ponder planting smaller flowers and plants.

On the safe side

When moving into a new home, throwing caution to the wind is not an option. You need to come up with a plan and assess the risks. Pay special attention to the weak links in your perimeter (doors and windows). Take advantage of cutting-edge tech tools and create the illusion of occupancy. Build sound habits and routines that complement the set of measures you put in place. It is time to put together an impregnable stronghold where you can have much-needed peace of mind.

By Lillian Connors