Staging the exterior of your home

Effectively Staging Your Home’s Exterior

Effectively Staging Your Home’s Exterior Might Be Easier than You Think

If you’re planning to sell your home, the path to success is making all the necessary preparations so that it stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood and gives off the impression of a property well-maintained, both on the outside and inside. First impressions count a great deal in the real estate industry and they can be a crucial factor in sealing the deal. If you neglect your home exterior and fail to make it appealing and inviting, potential buyers will drive by and never return.

If you’re aiming to get top dollar, curb appeal is your ace in the hole, so make sure you spruce up your home exterior to help sell the interior as well. A beautiful front yard, welcoming porch, neat back yard, and maintained landscaping are key factors that will lead your buyers into thinking they could be the ones enjoying in all that splendour.

Here are several useful tips guaranteed to help you achieve your goal.

Effectively Staging Your Home's Exterior Might Be Easier than You ThinkUpdates and repairs

Before you start sprucing up the shabby exterior and polishing up the worn details, focus on fixing any structural issues and repairing minor faults. All these little details can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of your house, so all the money you initially invest will eventually pay off. The result will be a home that looks newer, brighter and more welcoming, which will entice the potential buyers to give the interior a chance as well. This means you’ll need to clean and replace gutters, pressure wash and patch your concrete pathways and driveway, spruce up the landscaping and give all the wooden fences and sidings a fresh coat of paint.

Updates and repairsThe clean-up

Sometimes, all it takes to get your home exterior sparkling clean is a good, thorough clean-up. Depending on the weather conditions of the region, your home exterior can accumulate layers of dirt, dust and grime over the years. They adhere to the surface of exterior walls, fences and even pathways and make them look dark, stained and neglected. To brighten up their looks, use a pressure washer to remove those layers and reinstate their former glory.


An important part of your home’s exterior appeal is well-maintained landscaping. Put in some time and effort to make it presentable and attractive: clear out the debris, mow the lawn, prune the overgrown shrubs and bushes, remove the weeds and revive the environment with colourful flowers and plants. It’s a well-known fact that colours can evoke certain feelings, so it’s no wonder then that current landscaping trends in Sydney suggest the use of minimalist pots with carefully selected colours to achieve a desired effect.

Porch stagingPorch

The front porch is an invitation to your home and if you make it equally beautiful and welcoming as the rest of your exterior, buyers will get an insinuation of what awaits inside. Accessorise it with a pair of porch chairs or a comfy bench, hang some seasonal decorations on the front door, add a new doormat and put a few colourful flower pots. A clever trick is to plant some aromatic plants like jasmine and lavender at the entrance, so when the guests approach, they get enveloped by a pleasant, subtle scent.

Driveway presentationDriveway

As the driveway usually covers a large portion of your front home surface, make an effort to keep it in good condition. If it’s a gravel driveway, rake it through regularly and put in more gravel if it got scattered over time. If you have a paved driveway, adding a top coat of sealer, or painting it over with high wear resistance floor coating is an excellent solution that will give your driveway a complete makeover.

When buying a home, people do tend to judge the book by its cover. If your home makes a great first impression, people will absorb that positivity and the goal of selling your home will be easier to achieve.

By Lillian Connors