Contemporary Design Solutions for a Productive Home Office

Contemporary Design Solutions for a Productive Home Office

Contemporary Design Solutions for a Productive Home Office


Working from home definitely has some significant upsides – achieving the work-life balance is much easier, you save a lot of time on not having to commute – which means more time for some extra zzz’s, and aside from all of that, you get to design your very own home office.

Now, while designing your own office definitely sounds fun, you need to make sure that you don’t end up creating a space that feels too overwhelming in any sense. Rather, you should aim at putting together the environment that will boost your productivity and get your creative juices flowing. For some additional inspiration, check out these contemporary design solutions.

Make it pretty but functional

While your first instinct might be browsing Pinterest for some home office ideas, keep in mind that there you can find plenty of cute designs that are just that – cute. Aside from being pretty and looking well put together, your home office needs to be functional as well. So, first of all, forget all about cute shabby chic chairs and vintage desks and go for the ergonomic furniture instead. Second, make sure you don’t go too overboard with the wall colour so that you don’t create a space that only looks nice in pictures. Finally, make sure that your desk has plenty of working space and is not filled with random and unnecessary trinkets.

A functional home officeImplement ergonomic furniture

As already mentioned, ergonomic furniture is the only way you should be going in your home office. While it is true that there are other solutions out there that might look “cuter”, the fact is that they, most likely, won’t be able to provide you with the proper support throughout a 40-hour work week. You might also like to check out this link: Best Chair for Programmers.  Next, make sure that your computer screen is positioned at your eye level, or a bit lower, so that you don’t put too much strain on your neck. Finally, see to it that your forearms are parallel to the floor once you position them on the keyboard – that’s at the same time the ideal height of your work desk.

Make sure you have plenty of storageAdd plenty of storage solutions

Next, no office can function properly without opulent storage solutions. No matter what type of business you are doing in your home office, make sure you have enough place to store all the necessary equipment, stationery and any files you might be required to keep in the physical form. Additionally, you can even check out adaptable storage solutions that allow you to store and display all sorts of files in a clear and concise manner. Not only that, but they make everything stored inside easily accessible, which will mean a great deal every time you need to pull something out fast.

Make it bright

Natural light, as well as artificial light, both play a huge role in any office design. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of light in the room you’ve chosen to be your home office. Additionally, put your work desk as close to the window as possible to maximize the use of natural light and make sure you implement various artificial lighting solution throughout your office so that you can have plenty of light even when the sun goes down.

Add some greeneryAdd some greenery

Finally, make your home office as cosy as possible by filling it up with various greenery. Houseplants have an extremely positive effect on our overall well-being and can make any room instantly look more serene and peaceful. Layer different plants through the office to create a cosy and inviting vibe and make spending time in your home office that much more enjoyable.

As you can see, managing to put together a beautiful home office is not that difficult. While your main concerns should definitely be practicality and functionality, you can also make the space look beautiful and feel cosy for maximum comfort and productivity.

By Lillian Connors